How to set up a new location


The QuickDoor app uses your device location when you use the app. This checks whether you are in the immediate area of an entrance when you open it.
Please accept the request to retrieve the location.

Step 1:

Touch the „+“ icon to add a new location.

Step 2:

Operator ID: Enter the operator ID (number) you received from your operator.
Your e-mail address: Enter the email address known to your operator.
Enter new password: Assign a new password. It must have at least 6 digits.
Touch the „Search“ button. The app will now search for the operator’s location information.

Step 3:

When the operator is found, an SMS with a security code will be automatically sent to your smartphone.
Please enter it and touch the „Next“ button.
Note: If you do not see this screen, scroll further down. There we explain „Problems“.

Step 4:

Here you can specify which entry you want to see when you open it.
Decide whether the password should be saved for future use (otherwise you will always be prompted to enter your password).
To use it, you must accept the operator’s privacy policy. Click on the link „Privacy policy“. If you agree, activate the slider (the „Save“ button will turn green) and touch the „Save“ button.

Step 5:

The location is now saved for future use.

Note: You can only open the operator’s entrances on site if you have been activated to do so by your operator (e.g. only at the beginning of the rental period).

Are there any problems?

Here are the solutions!

The specified operator ID is unknown.
Check the information and repeat the operation.
If the problem persists, please contact your operator.
The e-mail address or password is not known.
Check both details and repeat the process.
If the problem persists, please contact your operator.
You have entered the correct e-mail address and password… however, you have already registered another smartphone.
If you want to use this smartphone (e.g. a new smartphone), please contact the operator – the access must be reset..
You will receive a „reset message“ when your access has been reset.
After that, repeat the process of adding a new location.
You are known to the operator, but you have not yet been authorized by the operator to add this location.
Please wait for an email from the operator telling you that you can now add the location and repeat the process.
UPS – It seems that we, as the manufacturer, are to blame!
Please contact your operator, who will contact us. We will fix the problem as soon as possible.