Open Doors and Gates - Secure. Simple. Robust.

QuickDoor makes your Entrances SMARTER

Connect your existing locking systems to QuickDoor and provide your employees and tenants with secure access to buildings, facilities and private property.
This includes a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Doors (buzzer, self-locking mortise locks).
  • Sliding Doors
  • Revolving Doors
  • Rolling – and Swing Gates
  • Turnstiles
  • Barriers

With QuickDoor, you no longer need any hardware and can dispense with the distribution of keys, various remote controls, or externally mounted equipment such as key pads or similar.
Centralized User Management allows you to grant or revoke access to people – per entrance.
With the local QuickDoor presence detection you make sure that the persons are on site for a successful opening.


  • Simple Management of access authorization
  • Less installation effort
  • No need to replace locks when keys are lost
  • No additional hardware, such as keypads, readers, etc. required at entrances (investment, installation, protection against vandalism)
  • Integration with already existing CRM systems, such as Storeganise, Salesforce, WordPress, etc.
  • Protection of already made investment, as existing installations can be connected
  • Security through location tracking via Bluetooth and GPS
  • Automatic providing of a guest WLAN to allow access for entrances without network availability (underground garages, industrial areas, etc.)

For our customers, the subject of security is very important to us.
In addition to the existing video surveillance, QuickDoor convinced us, among other things, because of the integrated monitoring of our entrances and our rolling gate, as well as the proactive alarming.
With the interface to our customer resource management system, we have a much lower effort. Contract start- and end dates with our customers have a direct impact on our new QuickDoor access system.

Matthias del Longo

Managing Director, DLM Selfstorage GmbH

Learn more about the successful implementation of QuickDoor at DLM Selfstorage GmbH.

QuickDoor components

All components are tested and pre-configured before delivery. We will be happy to support you during the on-site implementation.

Optionally with connection of 4, 8 or 16 entrances (switching capacity AC: max. 230V / 10A, DC: max. 30V / 10A)
Optional, for an installation at the entrance, wireless communication with the QickDoor HUB
Optional, Bluetooth Watcher for secure presence detection


Monitor the status of your entrances and let QuickDoor inform you if an entrance is open for more than X-minutes.

QuickDoor integrates up to 16 door and window contacts.

Each contact can be set separately.

Security through Device Registration

The first time you set up a location for your customer/tenant via the QuickDoor App, it is not just the username and password that are verified.
During this process, a security code is sent to the mobile phone number.

After entering the security code, the device is registered in QuickDoor so that only requests from this device will be accepted in the future.

Learn about the QuickDoor App

The current QuickDoor app is available in five languages: German, English, French, Spanish and Dutch.


Download the QuickDoor App
from the store.
After you are set up as a user, you can use the QuickDoor app to add a location and open the self-storage facility’s roll-up door.
You can watch the opening live on your device (computer, tablet or smartphone).

Manage your customers and Tenants – simply and transparently

QuickDoor provides you with an intuitive Web Interface to manage the QuickDoor-HUB and Users, which you can access through your browser. The data is stored locally.

Access the Web Interface on your local network and manage:

  • User (access only with presence detection)
  • Enable/Disable
  • Which entrances can be used
  • reset of passwords and device registration
  • Administrators (opening entrances from anywhere)
  • Opening hours, per day – from/to time
  • Interfaces to external CRM Systems
  • QuickDoor App Presentation
  • Name of Location
  • Name of the Entrances (Buttons)
  • Company logo to be displayed
  • Link to your Privacy Policy
  • Link to your help on a web page (contact information)
  • Event display (log file)
  • Database backups (backup/restore)

Interfaces to self-storage applications

Seamless integration with Storeganise

Modern self storage software
The QuickDoor interface to Storeganise can be set up in just a few minutes.
After that, the authorization for opening entrances via smartphone is based on the customer statuses in Storeganise.

Comprehensive Features

  • Automatic activation of user upon move-in
  • Automatic deactivation of users when moving out
  • Automatic deactivation of users in case of payment delays – optional if users in a site have overdue payments:
    • Blocking in one site
    • Blocking in all sites
  • Automatic deactivation of users if they were manually deactivated in Storeganise
  • Automatic notification of user with setup information on smartphone – optionally via:
    • the Storeganise email notification
    • the QuickDoor email notification
  • Resetting a registered smartphone via the Storeganise application

Interfaces to CRM Systems

In addition to internal User Management, QuickDoor can also be connected to existing CRM Systems. For a connection, additional fields (operator ID, password, entrances) are added in the external systems.
When using the app, QuickDoor takes all request and checks the authorization for opening an Entrance in the external system.

Salesforce Integration

Create a connected application and add the relevant fields to an object to enable communitation with QuickDoor.
Decide in the QuickDoor settings whether the data should be updated hourly in QuickDoor (OAuth 2.0 Synch, offline connection) or whether each request from the QuickDoor App should be verified directly in Salesforce (OAuth 2.0, online connection)..

WordPress Integration

If you CRM system is based on WordPress, you can use WordPress User Management to maintain the permission to open the entrances at user level.

For this, extend your WordPress User Management with additional fields.

Always available – even without a Internet Connection

Provide your customers and tenants with a Guest WLAN via the QuickDoor App to ensure the use of the App even in locations without a mobile carrier network (e.g. in industrial areas, underground garages, basement rooms, etc.).

Installing QuickDoor App

You can download and install the free QuickDoor App for your Smart Phone. To do so, click on one of the following buttons. You can find more information and the requirements at App-Help.

Note: The QuickDoor App requires a QuickDoor HUB installation and is provided to QuickDoor operators and their customers and tenants. It is a “means to an end” and has no value without a QuickDoor-HUB is connected.